Libertarian SMILE


The World Libertarian Platform: SMILE!

What’s the non-partisan LIO International Libertarian platform? Dialogue on SMILE! using voluntary-, rights- and results- bettering alternatives…How? Besides the LIO Fellows, LIO Friends , Free Book Club and other networking…We suggest you look into and share these emblematic non-partisan Pilots started or supported by LIO  fans /pro-Libs, with resources you might like (and so much for Lib ‘short term’ and ‘market-chaos’ planning)…share YOUR SMILE project or SMILE tip at our Facebooks…meet our TWITTER Community with more SMILE tips and LIO doings…Some great ones Lib fans now in every country are supporting or developing as resources for dialogue and betterment…



Space etc. 100 Year Starship: ”Over 100 Libertarians are participating…”–LIO See also Seasteads/freecities  along with co-housing, designed community (see )

Machines–Singularity & Trans-Humanism Studies, Peer-to-peer sharing: and 

Improve/safeguard humanity — Project Lifeboat: ”Insightful…stimulating…way ahead of everyone” –US Naval Operations

Life Extension– Manhattan Beach Project:

Empower Lib Community–Lib Citizen:  “Will provide stabilizing areas of ‘strict with interested SMILE/libertarian networks and model eco-communities as both cradles of innovation and social stability’ for secular Liberal democracy and the pro-science citizen…and strengthen change through integrated action opportunities”–Milton Friedman